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CMO of The Month

Budi Janto: "Grow With Network & Knowledge Circle"

November 02 2012 | By
In the relatively young age, Budi Janto has held various positions in several companies with a respected reputation. September 2012,
he was trusted to hold a position as Sales & Marketing Director, Capability Development, a new division formed by Samsung Electronics Indonesia to respond the market developments
that seems interesting lately.

At some point, Budi was moving up for a new position. His work successfully put Samsung as a market leader in smart phone and tablet which receive a gold record for the Samsung mobile business in Indonesia. In this new division, the man whose skyrocketed his name after winning the title of Best Young Marketer Award 2005. Has a new responsibility for developing sales team capability for Samsung to keep pace with market dynamics. According to him, the level of competition is very tight these days should be in response to set up a team with capability.

“Quantity of Samsung sales team has increased signifi cantly in recent years. This should be balanced also with quality as well, “he said.
For a father with two children’s, the responsibility that has laid on him would bring his old desire to become a teacher. The
obsession is still there for alumnus of the University of Gadjah Mada. “Someday, I want to go back to school,” he said.
Check out our Marketeers Editor, Taufi k Hidayat having a casual chat with Budi Janto at a coffee shop in Pacifi c Place, Jakarta.

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